Susan Boyle Is Your ‘Ultimate Idol’ Saturday, May 30 2009 



And the “Ultimate Idol” is . . . Susan Boyle!

More than 57,000 of you voted in a viewer poll, and a whopping 71 percent of you say Boyle, the “Britain’s Got Talent” sensation, has the pipes to pummel “American Idol” winner Kris Allen. And unlike “American Idol,” we’re giving you the exact tally: 40,966 votes for Boyle and 16,898 votes for Allen.

Despite Boyle’s foul-mouthed rant earlier this week and rumors of another impending meltdown, her fans remain steadfast in their support of the single Scot with the voice of an angel.  “Once in a blue moon someone comes along that takes you and knocks you for a loop,” one voter said in our YouDecide poll. “Susan should win hands down, she has the once in a lifetime voice.”

And while Allen’s fans voiced their support for the new American Idol, describing his talent as “amazing” and “absolutely awesome,” it wasn’t enough to save him from the phenomenon known as SuBo. Boyle will perform in the “Britain’s Got Talent” finale Saturday despite claims that she was ready to leave the show on Wednesday. Fans feared the worst after Piers Morgan, a judge on the show, said Thursday that the singer was in tears and had packed her bags to leave. But a spokeswoman denied the rumor, saying Boyle is working hard to prepare for “the biggest night in her life.”


Susan Boyle(My Fair Lady) Tuesday, May 26 2009