Undated: The underwear which contained an explosive packet used on a failed plot to blow up Northwest Flight 253.

Photographs of the charred remains of explosives sewn into underwear allegedly worn by 23-year-old Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab on a Detroit-bound Christmas flight were revealed Monday.

The bomb, seen for the first time, is reported to have contained a six-inch pack of highly-explosive powder called PETN sewn into the briefs, weighing about 80 grams.According to ABC News, a government test with 50 grams of PETN blew a hole in the side of an airliner — the same amount carried by so-called shoe bomber Richard Reid over Christmas in 2001.

A global search for accomplices in the Detroit airliner plot is under way after an Al Qaeda group based in Yemen claimed responsibility for the operation and the would-be bomber was reported to have said that more attacks were being planned.