1 Johnny Depp


Why is he right on top? Well, he's the one star who's got everything. Lean, sinewy body, attractive shoulders, a dashing smile isn't all. He's goofy, loopy, with a hint of androgyny. And his talents are numerous. And he makes no show about it ever. That's enough to have us hook, line and sinker.

2 Robert Pattinson


He came. We Saw. He conquered. We fell like nine pins when we laid eyes on him as the incredibly good-looking but doomed Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire. And with Twilight, we surrendered without a whimper.

3 Robert Downey Jr

3_Robert_Downey Jr

This man has been waltzing in and out of hearts and transient minds thanks to rehab. But we're glad he's back with Iron Man. Now stay put, Downey Jr, and we'll show you the love of a life time!

4 Brad Pitt


The 'Bra' from Brangelina makes it into the top 5. Yes, we're still unhappy that he keeps a low profile. Why deny us of the visual pleasure, Pitt. Yes, Jolie is hot. But we like you too. And his most recent appearance in Inglorious Basterds is no salve. That handlebar moustache just doesn't fly. We'll wait for him to show up in all his glory. In the mean time, the reruns of the Oceans series will have to suffice. Sigh!

5 Christian Bale


The middle spot is taken up by the one star we feel safe ogling at from a distance. Why the distance? Well, he even made the character in American Psycho oddly attractive. Now that can't be good. We've got a feeling if we get any closer to this hunk, things could get fatal. It's bad enough we're breathless every time we lay eyes on him.

6 Hugh Jackman


He's hands down the nicest star in Hollywood. He's so nice we can't even get ourselves to grudge his wife. We bet no star has an easy time envying his numerous skills ranging from singing to dancing as he's just too darn endearing!

7 George Cloney


His half-smirk is to die for! He may have had a pot-bellied pig for pet, he may fancy waitresses, but he's still George Clooney, the most eligible bachelor in tinsel town. Give him a bat mobile or give him some chips for poker, he'll still have us sighing over his quizzical frown. Yes, we attempted verse. That's how much we adore him!

8 Alan Rickman


Professor Snape from the Harry Potter franchise certainly isn't the hottest man around. And that's what makes him so desirable! Take a hint, boys. Women don't always go for chiseled abs and muscular arms. Sarcasm and a great voice work great too!

9 James McAvoy


would've thought the carrot top in The Last King of Scotland would make Forest Whitaker's skills take a back seat. This scrawny actor is just so incredibly irresistible with those soulful blue eyes. He's got us so hooked that we'll even swallow his lame role in Wanted.

10 Gerard Butler


With little less than a metre of cloth, a sword and shield, this Scott stormed his way into our heart in the Spartan action flick 300. We