Pregnant mother, pregnant daughter battle H1N1 Tuesday, Nov 3 2009 

Lancaster, California (CNN) — Nancy Brizendine’s slow-paced life in Californias Antelope Valley has become something of a slick race track.The first stunner, at 42 years old, in her 11th year of taking birth control pills, was that Brizendine and her live-in boyfriend and fishing buddy were expecting a baby.

I was shocked. I didn’t even think I could get pregnant, Brizendine said.But concern over having a baby in her 40s soon gave way to the joy of becoming a mother for the third time.Then, about 2½ weeks ago, came another sudden turn. Brizendine, a medical assistant, caught the H1N1 flu virus.


Nancy Brizendine, 42, and her daughter Kayla Yost, 22, are both pregnant and had H1N1.

I had a cough, sinus infection, infected ear, fever, and thats when I went into urgent care and tested positive, Brizendine recalled.There were times when I honestly could not get out of bed because I was so sick and achy.Brizendine began worrying about how the swine flu would affect her baby, due in January.


India reports 4 new cases of swine flu Friday, Jun 12 2009 

New Delhi: India has confirmed four new cases of swine flu, including the first in the popular tourist resort of Goa, bringing the country’s total to 15, the Health Ministry said on Thursday. Three of the patients arrived recently from the United States and the other from Britain, the ministry said.

A 41-year-old male who arrived in Goa from London last week reported to health authorities two days later with a fever and was found to have contracted the virus, it said in a statement. Authorities said they are tracking down passengers who were in close contact with those who tested positive for the disease.

On Thursday, the World Health Organization officially declared a swine flu pandemic, the first global flu epidemic in 41 years. A day earlier it said 74 countries had reported more than 27,700 cases of swine flu, including 141 deaths.

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Spain confirms 11 new cases of swine flu Saturday, May 23 2009 

spain Swine Flu

Spain has detected 11 cases of swine flu at a military academy outside Madrid and the country’s overall total now stands at 126, officials said on Friday. A further 57 soldiers are under observation at the academy, Deputy Prime Minister Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega said.

The Heath Ministry said school children were allowed to visit the academy earlier this week for field trips, even after suspicion of an outbreak had emerged. But Fernandez de la Vega denied the health and defense ministries had failed to coordinate with each other, or withheld information from the public.

She said the new cases were only confirmed Friday. All the confirmed and suspected cases at the academy are mild. Of the 11 cases, nine of those people are hospitalised. “There is no reason for alarm,” she told a news conference after a regularly scheduled Cabinet meeting.

She described 57 people at the base as being under observation, rather than quarantined as the health ministry had said earlier. The academy houses a military engineering school and is located in Hoyo de Manzanares, about 20 miles (30 km) northwest of Madrid

Swine flu In India Monday, May 18 2009 

COIMBATORE: A Coimbatore man, who is studying MBA in New Jersey, and his mother have been quarantined at the government hospital here with symptoms of swine flu. The 26-year-old youth came to Coimbatore four days ago to attend a wedding in the family. Even before his departure from the United States, he is said to have been suffering from mild fever and sore throat.

As the fever, muscle pain and severe headache – symptoms of the flu – persisted, his aunt, who is a doctor, suspected it to be a case of swine flu. His 55-year-old mother too suffered from similar symptoms. Hence, the duo was brought to the Coimbatore Medical College Hospital here for treatment.

“As they showed symptoms, we have quarantined them. However, only blood tests will confirm if they have swine flu,” hospital dean Dr V Kumaran told TOI. Following the outbreak of swine flu, the Union health ministry had directed state authorities to screen inbound air passengers for symptoms. The joint director of the health department, Dr V Vijayalakshmi, said the blood samples, throat and nasal swabs of the youth and his mother had been sent to the National Institute of Communicable Diseases in New Delhi for tests.

Swine flu can affect a third of the world Thursday, May 14 2009 

A UK-based research has claimed that a third of the world’s population could be infected with swine flu by the end of the year. Researchers say swine flu has “full pandemic potential”, spreading readily between people and is likely to go global in the next six to nine months. The number of laboratory-confirmed swine flu cases has reached 5,251 in some 30 countries around the world, with 61 having died from the disease, the World Health Organization has confirmed.

Swine flu: mapping the outbreak Tuesday, May 12 2009 

The pandemic alert status remains at five. Almost all infections outside of Mexico have been mild and only a handful of patients have needed hospital treatment.Cases have now been confirmed in 30 countries around the world, but the illness has caused deaths in only four – Mexico, the United States, Canada and Costa Rica.
This map is being updated regularly.