World’s First Weightless Wedding Tuesday, Jun 23 2009 

LOVE IS IN THE AIR, LITERALLY The bride wore white and earrings resembling tiny planets, the groom a tuxedo and cuff links shaped like spacecraft, and the wedding party attended in blue jump suits.New York City couple Erin Finnegan and Noah Fulmor floated into matrimony on Saturday thousands of feet (metres) above the Gulf of Mexico in what organizers said was the world’s first weightless wedding held in zero gravity conditions.
UPSIDE DOWN – ON TOP OF THE WORLD The couple exchanged wedding vows and rings – with some difficulty – and fumbled their kiss flying weightless inside the padded fuselage of a specially modified Boeing 727-200 aircraft, G-Force One, operated by Zero Gravity Corp, or ZERO-G, a company offering weightless flight experiences.

FLIGHT OF FANCY To recreate the weightless experience without going into space, the plane executed parabolic flight maneuvers, climbing sharply and descending several times during the one-hour flight.
VERTICAL LIMIT The couple didn’t drop the ring – but there was momentary confusion when someone else’s wedding band floated off a finger and into the wedding group, before it was rescued.

HAPPY FEET “I’ve waited my whole life for this … what I remember most was the feeling of weightlessness, both physically and emotionally,” Fulmor said.


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