Russian Oil Magnate Launches $490 Million Luxury Yacht Tuesday, Jun 16 2009 


The largest, most expensive private yacht in history — complete with its own swimming pool, mini-submarine and missile defense system — may soon be coming to a marina near you. The $490 million Eclipse is the latest display of wealth from Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, the U.K.’s Daily Mail newspaper reported. The yacht is chock full of safety features for the Chelsea soccer team boss, including Abramovich’s armor-plated master suite and the bullet-proof windows. The submarine doubles as an escape pod.

Onlookers could only stare in awe as the mega-boat departed from the Blohn and Voss shipyard in Hamburg, Germany, the Daily Mail reported. At 557 feet long, the ship overshadows the next-largest luxury yacht, a 525-footer owned by Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, according to the Mail.

The ship will be the fourth yacht in Abramovich’s fleet, the paper reported. He has often used his yachts to entertain prospective Chelsea soccer players and powerful British bankers. His latest baby is due to be complete by 2010.


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