Two rush-hour subway trains have collided in Washington DC, killing at least six people and injuring up to 70 others, according to officials. Carriages of one train came to rest on top of the other after hitting it from behind, although the cause is unclear. The female driver of one of the trains is among the dead.

The crash – the worst in 33 years of the Metro system – happened above ground between Fort Totten and Takoma Park at 1700 local time (2200 BST). President Barack Obama said in a statement: “Michelle and I were saddened by the terrible accident in north-east Washington DC. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends affected by this tragedy.

“I want to thank the brave first responders who arrived immediately to save lives.” Washington Fire Chief, Dennis Rubin, said approximately 200 firefighters were at the scene of the accident.
He said 70 people were being treated for varying degrees of injury. Washington mayor Adrian Fenty has visited the scene of the crash

Fifty were walking wounded, 12 had moderate, non life-threatening injuries and two had life-threatening injuries. Two were airlifted from the scene, he said. He said: “We are in an active, live situation as we speak, conducting rescue from train car to train car. “This is going to go on for quite some time in that one [train] is essentially on top of the other as everyone knows and it takes a lot of equipment, co-ordination and effort.”