Bangalore: The mysterious disappearance of 48-year-old nuclear scientist Lokanathan Mahalingam from near the Kaiga Atomic Power Station has his family, colleagues and the police baffled. Mahalingam went for his morning jog on June 8 and did not return. With his disappearance many questions are being raised like was the nuclear scientist privy to classified information?

Mahalingam was working as a lecturer in the simulated training department at Kaiga and sources say he wasn’t privy to classified information. He was not even carrying a wallet when he disappeared as he had gone jogging at the time. Initial reports suggest his family suspected he was kidnapped and so lodged a complaint with the local police on June 10.

But why did Mahalingam’s wife file a complaint two full days after he went missing?  “Police are doing their job. They are looking for him,” said Mahalingam’s brother-in-law when contacted by CNN-IBN. “He is missing. He had no enemies,” he added.

Why is Mahalingam’s family keeping a low profile? Is a family dispute at the root of this disappearance? The police are left equally baffled. “The police have registered a case of man missing and they have taken up the investigation of the case. The Superintendent of Police of Karwar district has visited the spot, he has made inquiries and he has been guiding investigations of the missing officer,” said Inspector General of Police (Western Range, Karnataka) Gopal Hosur.But why did the police take more than 24 hours to file an FIR? Police are now combing the jungles of Western Ghats surrounding his quarters for clues.