Four Indian students who are from Andhra Pradesh study in Melbourne were they assaulted by a group of teenagers. This is yet another shocking case of violence against Indian sudents in Australia. The culprits were reportedly arrested while the victims, one in serious condition, were admitted in hospital, Federation of Indian Students Association (FISA) founder Gautum Gupta said, adding one of the attackers has been charged with attempt to murder.

A Victoria police spokesperson said, “The incident involved offenders gate-crashing a party and the victims happened to be Indian.”  According Gupta, the attack was racially motivated and could have serious repercussions on the 3.5 million dollar Australian education industry. Gupta said all the students hailed from Andhra Pradesh. However, their names are yet to be known.

The FISA founder said he would now demand from the Victorian government to seriously look into the matter in which Indian students are being targeted. “Earlier such attacks were more subtle but now we are seeing they are being done more openly,” he said.   To spread awareness among the students, FISA is soon releasing a video on how to deal with personal security.The latest attack was the second this month on Indian students. Earlier, 21-year old Sourabh Sharma, was bashed up in a train.