A visiting Indian guru died early Monday after being shot in a clash between rival religious communities at a gurdwara in Vienna in which about 30 people were injured, police announced.The guru, Sant Rama Nand, 56, one of two visiting the Austrian capital, died of his wounds in hospital after Sikh followers clashed with knives and at least one gun at a gurdwara in Vienna on Sunday, a police spokesman said.

“The surgeon said at first he was satisfied with his patient’s condition after an emergency operation,” the spokesman said. “But the patient lost consciousness and died shortly after midnight (0330 IST),” he added. The condition of the second wounded guru, Sant Niranjan Dass, 66, was described as stable, the spokesman said. The two gurus belonged to the Shri Guru Ravidas Sabha movement.

The clash broke out around 1:30 pm (1700 IST)and saw the perpetrators pull out knives and a gun as the gurus visiting from India gave a sermon at the temple, where some 200 people had gathered. Others in the audience pounced on the attackers, whom a witness said were wearing yellow and blue turbans, and subdued them, according to police.

“Six people did not agree” with the sermon, police spokesman Michael Takacs told Austrian public radio. “One drew a firearm, the others knives. The six people were overpowered by members of the community and seriously injured.”